Tuesday, May 14, 2013

junque sale. New stuff TODAY thursday

The back yard and driveway of the shop is now filled with good junque. Thanks to myself and Mr. Roses, whom now can't walk *okay he needs back surgery, but not before I get my junque sold!  And it was HOT...glad it's cooling down, perfect yard sale weather.

It all depends if you love unfinished projects of someone elses to re-create...and if you love to dig through boxes and tables to find something wonderful. Lots of stuff cheap-o!

A pile of vintage clothing...1-5.00

Most items on tables are priced 1-5.00

Today, Thursday...we have loaded up the truck with doors, shudders, tables, and some smaller furniture pieces.
Prices have been lowered from Wednesday...and THANK YOU SO MUCH for your support, we cleared alot out!

We're all happy aren't we!

Inside the shop we have 20% off everything
plus our marked down yellow tagged items.
black and white signs now marked 5 and 10.00
(can't go wrong).
scarves, most are 1/2 off.

wednesday thru Saturday

If your coming up Saturday, why not continue North to the Weber county fairgrounds...it's their Acorn Antique show...they are always my favorite to shop. Darn Now I can't be there at 9:00 a.m.

If parking is a problem at the shop, go around the building
and park at the school district...no problem at all to do so.

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