Friday, May 17, 2013

inexpensive JUNQUE today!

Yard sale in Progress
THANK YOU for your continued support
in return we will have reg. priced shop merchandise
30% off

If there is a yellow sale tag we will take an extra 10% off!

I know that's extreme...
but if we have to re-arrange the shop next week
it may as well have less to move around!

Outside yard sale:

8 tables filled with good junque
inexpensive too:
large table of 1.00 and unders
7 tables of  $2-3.00

plus we have old doors. louvered shudder doors,
small furnitures, chairs, all priced to go to your home!

Farmington station has fun places for lunch and dinner
and if you love mexican grill Franciscos is next door!

see you 10:-6  Today!

yes, there are a few more pieces coming in today!

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