Monday, January 21, 2013

Delima...solved, I hope

I've had a delima...

This magazine we carry of
Jeanne d' Arc Living
comes every month.
They require I buy 20 copies in order
to receive them from Denmark.

However we do not sell 20 copies,
causing a delima for me:

Should I quit buying them or
reduce the price so that we can still enjoy
the beautiful enjoyment this magazine
gives us?
I almost wish they would do this magazine
quarterly...but that's their business.

So...let's try this first,
I would like to offer them at a lower price
instead of the 18.95

Would that help you as a customer?

Beginning now!

I need to thin down last years inventory so
they will be offered at 9.95

A great chance to fill in on those issues
you are missing.
Gee I hate to see such wonderful
books not being used.

Hoping this works
as I know you as well as I
would love to keep them coming.

We have a new line of
vintage RECYCLED denim jeans handbags and wallets
coming in this week
some embellished.

See you
thursday. friday. saturday.

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