Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Offering the Lime green Halloween tree we used last year for Fall/Christmas season.

This is a 7.5' Ashley lime green tree, slim size, 1,077 lime green tips, 800 lime green lights.
41" wide on metal stand. 

What makes this tree unique from others is number one the quality and number 2 the lights are lime green rather than white and there are many of them. I believe it's in 3 pieces.

It can be decorated so many ways with it's lime green color.  It has a WOW effect.
There is plenty of space to add large items It's being offered NOW because our fall and Christmas will be taking on a different look from last year.

Really wish I had some of last years photo's to show you how much fun we had with it with big Halloween spooky eyeballs/black skeletons and pearly big snowballs with Victorian children in reds and lime.

Call: 801-628-0890 if interested and I will bring it to the shop for you or it can be picked up in the West Haven area.

This tree retails at 500.00
I will sell it at 275.00 
Don't wait on this tree if interested! 

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