Sunday, August 28, 2011

Put together an Antique Bedroom

Start with bed.
Like this cast iron chippy look.
This has pale aqua/baby blue tones.

Add Treddle sewing machine
bottomed table
Antique oak top I refinished
with a bronze sparkle glazing.
An old birdcage to fill with
Vintage handstitched
feather ticking pillow
can be quaint.

Make a table at foot of the bed
with old milk cans and window.
The window would be fun anywhere
wouldn't it!

New bronze sparkle glazing
on these rustic
milk cans
look fantastic.
Would be classic as a
table lamp stand.
I'd throw an antique mirror/window
on top of it
then load it up.

OLDEST cabinet I have ever acquired
Chippy white paint

Check out the slat board
layered into its mirrored door!

Add unique style mirrors/frames etc.

Antique wicker hampers
handy for clothes
and storage.

Accessorize with vintage
folded paper books

Here is a heated food warmer
used as a jewlery holder.
Be unique
be creative peeps!

Mary and her little lamb
can join your antique room

We now have peacock feathers
in natural and bleached
for bunching in your
old wedding baskets
or tickle your fancy

stay tuned for part 2
and call if you need pricing
and purchasing!
Some of this will go into the shop
for Monday.


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