Sunday, August 21, 2011

Nostalgic... Back to School bliss

The bells ring Monday
(do they still ring a bell?)
Scheduled families.

Purchased these 4 Sally Dick and Jane
school teacher posters for the shop
20.00 each
photos on each side

This is how I learned reading and arithmetic


Which one doesn't belong

Our children are so much more advanced

My grandchildren were learning Spanish at the same time
they learned English.

Small vintage oak desk
now on sale for 75.00
a cutie!

Noted this in the drive-up window in Farmington gas mart
I rarely go there.
Does this strike you odd
or is this the recession norm now days?

speaking of recession norm...have you seen the snickers candy bar
it's like 1/2 the size

At first I thought...that's bad for business
But then again if it forces you inside
chances are you buy more?

Before you start your" After the summer cleaning"  moms
take advantage of some quiet time
with Bliss Victoria
It won't let you down.
In fact Gina of Peacock Park is featured in an outdoor tent setting

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