Sunday, July 10, 2011

SWAN LAKE art kit by Joni

"Ballet represents the purest form of artistry because it encompasses a diverse range of art forms--dance, choreography, costuming, orchestrated music, artistic backdrops, stage sets, and a captive audience, " says Joni Greenman.

These were the thoughts that spun through her head as she stumbled upon a pair of pointe shoes.
She calls it the Swan Lake kit as its filled with rolled up patterned appers and fabrics, embellishments and other supplies any artist would enjoy rummaging through.

Joni feels such inspiration and honor when turning the pages of Somerset Life magazine.
Joni explains "By taking a leap of faith and believing in your artistic self, a person can achieve aspirations beyond measure."

You'll find her pages delightul to the eye and her words are chosen carefully like in real life.

Here is Joni's etsy shop:
Joni works her creations into vignettes in the shop.
They don't last long
do they!
Joni is published frequently in Somerset magazines with various titles not just LIFE.

We have only 3 copies left
Must order more!
Congratulations Joni

Just a bed of roses is fortunate to have Joni's unique work in the shop
and her EXPERTISE in shop displays as well.

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