Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The antique box springs are off the wall, we've displayed with them for 5 years
now and it's time for a change.
They are now at the General Store in Layton  $98.00  (not bad)
General store is having a celebration coming up
so Just a bed of roses will be participating by re-stocking and they
will have an outdoor yard sale
not this week-end but the next.
For sure we will have a table full for the yard sale.

Dear Ol Dad waving at us as his ADULT children venture off to the mudslide just
around the bend and below our cabin.
Results of this springs relentless RAIN.
Our cabin survived.

This new cabin had two roads leading to it
now none and it's condemned.

This mudslide came down a good 3 miles, it followed a creek
It made new streams and little waterfalls.
And...took out another cabin and trees.

This is in Weber canyon above Oakley.
The water high and dangerous.
More so than we have ever seen in 15 years.
We made it back safely.

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