Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sweet & fun Wedding...kicks off the beginning of Summer

Vintage buggy greets wedding guests of
Melanie & Logan
(compliments of D. Murray)

My niece Melanie and Her new man Logan
Tied their knot
The whole wedding day...certainly SWEET and FUN!

The shiney red Get-away
(compliments again of D. Murray)

Sweet treats
entertainment for kids...adults too!

Right from the Bowcut candy co.


Weddings...where families get together and catch up.
Here basking in a sun we have not
seen nearly enough.
(where nervous grandma keeps counting the grandchildren)

Our children were patrolling the parking lot I guess.
Or having a little tailgate party?
Children and grandchildren must say bye bye
and oldest son showing off his wifes new vehicle to us.

Melanie wading a stream in her gown
this is SO HER!
And so was their wedding.
Congratulations to a very happy couple! 
Happy Honeymoon too!

( When the real professional pictures are available I will guide you to them)

And  this is what all of us do in the summertime...right?
will post new merchandise soon
to help with your summer plans.

Monday Memorial Day we are closed.

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