Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Arriving Wednesday...for the Vintage sale this week

Thorns and orange blossoms book

Floral bouquet...vintage chic
A rose whom blossomed beautifully in her lifetime.
White antique wash stand with crystal clear accessories
Paper bloomers arranged
A favorite Bing Crosby albums
Bringing in lots of very old and charming books
White large frame, chest and toy wicker vanity

A stately family...I've conjured up stories in my mind about them.
You will too.
I see him as a very proud father and husband, he must be a banker as they
appear to be well taken care of.
The little girl must be their pride and joy, she is dressed in satins in cream and aquas, holding a
rose...could that be her name?
The wife appears to look content with her life, she doesn't have that tired rough look
like she milked many cows or hoed the fields all day
like so many women had in old pictures usually seen...perhaps a maid at home?
Like I said...he must be a banker...notice his smaller stature and that RAISED EYEBROW, that
was my tip off of a man of influence and wealth.

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