Saturday, April 17, 2010

A real eye opener to me...University Art Show

Dress Horse
I have my own idea what this is about, what are you thinking?
The apple is my biggest thing, to me it represents the garden of eden when Eve asked Adam to partake of
the forbidden fruit...if it wasn't for that they would still be naked wouldn't they?
This particular horse reminds me of Black beauty, popular, famous.
Dress represents a frilly woman, femininity.
Shellie going to talk to her about what the artist was thinking.

His girlfriends face
This guys is in LOVE right!
I think he should give it to her, but he won't part with his paintings.
Isn't it beautiful!

Bursting at the seams!
Easy to relate to, right!
Pottery house bulging and pouring out its houses contents!

Shellies chicken
She was accepted into the art show with it
It's just not so ordinary and came from a live shot.
This chicken I would not mess with although
its so fluffy you would love to pet it.
I wouldn't!

University art room environment
quite shocking to me.
This was an hour after our earthquake and I know the CEMENT
building was swaying...somehow
I think it always resembles this look.

Steel, cement & paint...not MY kind of working environment
Shellie is very happy there creating.
School has been challenging and has made her expand
beyond what she ever thought.

Their sink...wonder how many years it took to make this abstract piece of art?
What a treat to attend this art show of college students
to be with them and enjoy their art.
A real eye opener to me.
No lie.

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