Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Mother Nature is ALWAYS in charge...

Mother Nature lets us know who is in charge... always...rather this than an earthquake.Our antique swingset was out there swinging all by itself this morning! 
Now the skies are blue and shiney

No matter what the weather its THAT TIME to bring SPRING into our life before it slips into our HOT SUMMERS we complain about in July.

These were made last night...I was struggling with some anxiety.
Aren't they fun in the Faucet buckets and florals in lime greens
so refreshing!

Last night I was so anxious after watching the 2 hour show 24, did you see it?  Oh my heck!
Mr. Roses  told me a man he works with got seriouly sick at work and by the time paramedics got him to the hospital he had a major heart attack.  Then mr. Roses had a blizzard to drive home in, one of the worst he has been in for some time.
Ahh Anxiety can be productive!
These florals will be in the shop Wednesday.
Shop will be open today noon-5:00.
call: if you need...801-451-2556

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