Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Its beginning to look alot like CHRISTMAS

Our home looks like a BIG candy cane outlined in red and white lights and the most beautiful huge lighted SNOWFLAKES to set it off SO stunningly. It was easy this year, as we just called on the phone and wrote out a huge check and TA DA, we are lighted for Christmas! (always wanted to do that!) Our sunroom is the favorite of mine with its big windows and in the front I have a thin flocked tree with white mini lights. On each side are star garlands dangling down from the top window. It snowed today an inch, and I couldnt wait to snap pictures of the white glittery freshly fallen snow, to bad it will be gone tomorrow, DID I MENTION it is FREEZING? We snuggled up to the movie "Hairspray" today as it snowed and was it ever PINK and 60's, and isnt John Travolta SO interesting as an obese woman! Hope you enjoy our outdoor decorating as much as we do, we race to see who can turn on the lights first! I will take a full picture from the road when it gets really snowy...hope that's before Christmas!


Retroboutiques said...

Brenda, it is just beautiful!

AlternateBliss Studio said...

Well, I was in Davis County just this last Monday and I stumbled upon your delightful boutique. I stopped in and what a treat it was! Love, love, love it! Will be stopping back again in the near future! I should also mention that your staff was so very helpful and friendly! I thoroughly enjoyed my 45 minute browse!