Friday, January 5, 2007

HUMAN ART Understanding your own personal design

Shellie and I have been waiting quite some time for this magnificent book to be compiled and published and now here it is and much more wonderful than we could have ever imagined. It is full of unique information on understanding our own personal design. Every sentence is so beautifully written, useful and inspiring.
This book is written by Brook and Rod Thornley who is a daughter to Shellies art teacher Donna O Kearney. Her art teacher has done the illustrating and the pictures are breathtaking. Brook is an award winnning cosmotologist and master educator for Matrix, a division of L'Oreal. For over 25 years she has worked in the familys salon and day spa, helping the development of Human art Design. Together with her husband Rod LCSW who is a mental therapist they have co-founded Brook Design co. and Human Art.
What I love about the knowledge is when you meet someone you can start to identify which of the 4 catagories this person fits into the best and then you can understand better why they do and like certain things and it helps to understand how to help them with their home decor, their clothing, hair styles and so forth. It also helps with understanding your own children and why their personalities are so unique and the reason that each one does need to be treated in their own designed way in order for them to reach their highest potential.
This book will become one of your "best friends" and you will enjoy finding which design is yours...I know we have benefited in our life from this knowledge and continue to do which design is yours?
This book will be available on our website.

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