Saturday, June 4, 2016

big vintage yard sale this Thurs. or fri.

 I think we're doing a yard sale...Check back, we are getting it ready to do for this coming June 9th OR 10th which is thursday/friday  we need to look at the weather sunday night to decide which is best.

It will be a more "organized" sale compared to our other ones. There will be less, but still more than enough. Less to dig for, and easier to shop. Beginning at 7:30 a.m. till we can't take the heat!

3 of our rolling carts will be nothing but old books and magazines, our pricing will be really reasonable.
Small rusty items, so many vintage odds and ends. Carl collects Revere ware vintage pans...he is going to get some priced. 

will add more photo's each!

Because I list these on fb, sometimes they get sold. your welcome to friend me on fb: Brenda Klomp
you can email:

The shopette will be open too, and it's filled up again!

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