Monday, March 28, 2016

Our next selling JUNK event is in weber county

We are sorting through our many collections to bring to the Mothers day weekend Acorns vintage and antique market in weber county. Carl is now sorting and parting with MANY kitchen collectables that's he's collected since we were first married! Old tins, store items, old boxes, old bottles, Industrial items, garden stuff, pictures, frames, rusty stuff, pretty glass and on, going through the workroom and garage that's super loaded with great junk!

This is not leftovers from vintage whites...most of that sold, so it's fresh stuff that has not been to any markets. 
Our space is in an isle and more to the south end, not by the back door as usual. You should see us!

we've boxed up alot already, but I will try and get some photo's on here. 

Thanks a million for coming to the vintage whites market, it was truely a success, win win for customers and vendors.

Next year promises to be even better, they are going to do 2 days, either in the same location or a new location in salt lake. Hoping to make for easier shopping. (and selling!)

big yard sale in May will be announced here when we know the weather forcast...usually starts on a wednesday-friday, either week after acorn or the last week of May.

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