Saturday, September 5, 2015


The windmill is up and it's a beauty!!!

The shopette is highly possible that it will open up this coming THURSDAY AND FRIDAY 10-6

I will post again on this.
the weather is beautiful

we have a lot of stuff so it will be in 2 phases:
One this week because we know the weather will be great
phase 2...we will weather watch and see what days for it.

I fell down Saturday hard on the cement, so that has slowed me down. Luckily its just a lot of bruising, body pain head to toe and no breaks.

Mr.Roses is bottling his salsa and soup mix inbetween all this.
but we are anxious to get this great vintage stuff to YOUR HOMES or shops.
sorry, we updated our computer and for some dumb reason its not letting me post the windmill pictures.
you'll have to come see it for yourself!

we are in love with it!

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