Sunday, December 28, 2014

SanDiego Calif. 1st day a sight-seeing tour

 First day a tour of old town San diego and around town. Other photo's must be on my phone.
When you cruise its best to get into town day before as that ship will leave without you if your late!

 Husbands being a copy cat...I really wanted to be skinny, but that didn't happen!

 naked trees
 Bob hope's memorial, comedian to the troops
In old town san diego the museum for the mormon battalion was updated.
It was quite entertaining the way they presented it.
I would have much prefered to go over to coronado.

 Marriotte liberty station by a large bay great for a beautiful walk.

 Next day aboard our Legend of the seas Royal Caribbean...smallest ship they have as it needs to fit
through the panama canal. which it did by 12" on each side.

 This is the very top 10th floor...If you walk around it 4 times that equals one mile. It was a must do to walk off the non- stop eating fest and to enjoy the beauty. 1,800 passengers, around 1,000 efficient workers.We enjoyed the staff they go out of their way to please.Outdoor screen watched Jersey boys till midnight.

For 15 days on board...this was the main view... NEVER grew tiring. Relaxing. never rushed.
Only afraid once when there was a small fire in the laundry mind went further than it should have.

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