Monday, October 20, 2014

Paper and Patina our new name

Introducing Paper and Patina name that Joni and I will be selling at vintage markets under.

Doesn't it remind you of us!

Those two words just came to us so easily.
Sierra, joni's daughter designed the photo by taking Joni's old books and my stacking luggage and combining.

Our first event using this name is coming up:
Nov. 15
state fairgrounds just west of salt lake city in 
the grand ballroom.
a one day event...9-4

we are bringing great stuff, Christmas too, priced affordably. This will be the only time we will be selling until March when its vintage whites.

IF, and it's a big if right now...I may be able to open the shopette at home for a couple days the first weekend of Nov. so please check back. I'll be showing photo's.

if you join me on facebook I pretty much list everyday.
brenda justabedofroses  is my friend name.

Miss so many of you...will be so happy to see you soon! 

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