Wednesday, February 19, 2014

pic PATINA there anything else???

Patina...that's what you'll find and you'll want to pick@ our
Pic-Patina space Vintage whites Market March 8th 10:00 grand ball room Utah state fairgrounds.

I'm going to be very guarded about our patina style's time worn, re-purposed, re-painted, beautiful items you'll want to enjoy in your life---with a past.

You know our style and we know yours...and that's why we are so excited for this event to get here quickly (well, no, we need some warmer weather to finish up some of our projects).

I'll post a peek (not going overboard because we want it to be a complete suprise) by the end of this week.

I know there will be a tea party going on and a class taught on lighted signs
so plan on spending the day. There will be a moving company there to help you to your truck
with your PATINA FINDS. Bring a husband if you really want to load up. As soon as I know where
our booth is, it will be announced here.

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